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Epigrams from Gandhiji - J


The atom bomb brought an empty victory to the Allied arms but it resulted for the time being in destroying the soul of Japan.    TIG-142

I am convinced that the capitalist, if he follows the Samurai of Japan, has nothing really to lose and everything to gain.     T-2-380

Let no one run away with the idea that I wish to put in a defence of Japanese misdeeds in pursuance of Japan’s unworthy ambition.     TIG-142



Jealousy presupposes the possibility of rivalry.     T-2-214

Bury the jealousies underground and cremate them wherever you like.     XXV-510



Journalism has become the art of "intelligent anticipation of events."     T-7-209

The sole aim of journalism should be service.     MM-479

Journalism should never be prostituted for selfish ends or for the sake of merely earning livelihood or, worse still, for amassing money.    XXVI-371

Journalism has a distinct place in familiarizing and expressing public opinion.     XXVI-370

A journalist’s peculiar function is to read the mind of the country and to give definite and fearless expression to that mind.     XXVI-369

The newspaperman has become a walking plague. He spreads the contagion of lies and calumnies.

Newspaper today had almost replaced the Bible, the Koran, the Gita and other religious scriptures.         T-7-314

The press was called the Fourth Estate. It was definitely a power but to misuse that power was  criminal. T-7-375

The newspapers should be read for the study of facts. They should not be allowed to kill the habit of independent thinking.     T-7-116

In the East., as in the West, the newspapers are fast becoming the people’s Bible, the Koran The Zend-Avesta and the Gita rolled into one.     T-7-209

Freedom of the press is a precious privilege that no country can forego.     MM-480

An itch for new is a variety of dissipation, debilitating to the mind and spirit, unless it is properly curbed. T-7-135

The liberty of the press is a dear privilege, apart from the advisability or otherwise of civil disobedience. T-6-1

The newspapers had become more important to the average man than the scriptures.     T-7-375



A life of sacrifice is the pinnacle of art, and is full of true joy.     MOG-21



Justice should become cheap and expeditious. Today it is the luxury of the rich and the joy of the gambler.     T-4-182

Justice will come when it is deserved by our being and felling strong.     T-2-240

Justice does not help the ones who slumber but helps only those who are vigilant.     XIV-177

The first condition of nonviolence is justice all round, in every department of life.     T-5-278

It is open to a war-resister of judge between two combatants and wish success to the one who has justice on his side.     T-5-197


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